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August 2019 Plan With Me: Student/College Edition - Happy Planner

School is almost here! So it's time to start planning in my Happy Planner!

LifewithKia: Planner Organization | Nursing Student

Michael's Haul 2019 : Planner Supplies

With school just around the corner, it's time to shop for supplies! Michael's is one of my favorite stores to pick out planners and accessories. Their deals did not disappoint! They had such amazing steals on Recollections and me&my Big Ideas! Here are some of the things that I picked out from planner shopping!

Back to School Supplies Haul: College Edition (Target, Dollar Tree, Mich...

School is just around the corner! Here are some awesome items to prepare you for college! These items are cheap, useful, and cute to use!

Subscription Box Review: Dio Candle Company

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to light a candle, sit, relax, and read a nice book on a warm, sunny day! Dio Candle Company was so kind to add to my collection of candles to try!  Within each subscription box, you get a variety of four candles! Their soy, wax candles did not disappoint! Let's get started....

šŸ¬Summer Haul: Snacks on a BudgetšŸØ

Summer is my favorite season! This is the one season where I relax and pig out on some of my favorite snacks. Summer is also great for having deals on food! Here are some of of my favorite snacks that I got on a good deal. Most of were bought from Fry's that were either on sale or had a coupon attached to them! Don't forget the question of the day! Enjoy!

Summer Hauls 2019: Face Masks

Lately, my sister and I have been obsessed with Freeman's Face Masks! I thought I would show you a few of my favorites so far! Majority of the masks shown in this post were bought from Ulta. Surprisingly, these masks were/are less than $5. Don't forget to answer the question of the day!  Enjoy!!!